Experiment with no Control Group

That's what I'm doing right now....I'm experimenting with a new approach to teaching, but with no control group; this is a new course that I've never taught before. On top of that, I've never taught this demographic before (the -3 stream, or Math 14/24).

Right now I think my biggest learning has to do with this demographic of student. I've learned that:

  • They are quite capable thinkers, but articulating their thoughts or a process they've used is difficult
  • Group activities that last more than a day are problematic due to the high number of absences
  • Although they are capable thinkers, anything involving algebra is really beyond the majority of them.

In my second last post I alluded to the fact that groups are much more capable than individuals. On the one hand this is good, but on the other the groups effectively mask the difficulties that individuals have. And in these two classes, the difficulties are significant.

So now the issue becomes how to balance group work with individual work.

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