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Update: Mobile Mind Mapper now has it's own page that will be updated as development progresses.

I've been a fan of Freemind, and then Freeplane for many years, and they've become indispensable in many of my tasks at work. I've been looking for an Android version for a while and none I've found have been satisfactory--either they're ad supported, only offer a text-based tree view, require syncing to the cloud, or are commercial.

Here are some that I've investigated:

I've decided to create my own GPL HTML5-based mind mapper, the first version of which can be found here: Mobile Mind Mapper. This is a very rudimentary version right now--you can only save maps by exporting the xml to a browser tab, but I'd be interested in feedback.

Some of my goals for this project are:

  • Run on any web browser (mobile and desktop)
  • Save to web browser "local storage"
  • Support all features of Freemind mind maps, and eventually Freeplane mind maps
  • Allow installation to the desktop, so it can appear to be a local app



Mobile Mind Mapper — 8 Comments

  1. Hi,

    I have tested this first public version, it looks promising.
    As both a Freeplane and Android user I gave you some feedbacks through freeplane mailing-list.

    Good luck for this new project!

    Best regards,


  2. Hi Glen.

    GREAT APPROACH. I like it! And I think it could work very well.

    Have you thought of a community development, yet? I would like to support you in trying to provide a mobile extension to Freeplane on the basis of what you have done so far.

    Best regards,

    • Glad you like it :-). As for the icons not opening, I think that might be an issue with github. If you click the "raw" link above where the image should appear, you'll see the contents of the file. Save that to "image.svg" and you should be able to view it on your own computer.

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