Mobile Mind Mapper

August 22, 2015

Update: Mobile Mind Mapper now has it's own page that will be updated as development progresses.

I've been a fan of Freemind, and then Freeplane for many years, and they've become indispensable in many of my tasks at work. I've been looking for an Android version for a while and none I've found have been satisfactory--either they're ad supported, only offer a text-based tree view, require syncing to the cloud, or are commercial.

Here are some that I've investigated:

I've decided to create my own GPL HTML5-based mind mapper, the first version of which can be found here: Mobile Mind Mapper. This is a very rudimentary version right now--you can only save maps by exporting the xml to a browser tab, but I'd be interested in feedback.

Some of my goals for this project are: