I am a Business Specialist (what the heck is that anyway?) for a large company in Edmonton, Alberta. I took the scenic route getting here....teaching high school math and writing software at Atomic Energy of Canada and Nortel Networks were a few of my stops along the way.

Back when the public internet was young, I wrote a tongue in cheek guide to Fortran style which for some reason has managed to be Google's first result for "fortran style" for quite a while.

In my journeys I have been obsessed with kayaking...

Lovers Rapid, Petawawa River

and mountain biking.

Mountain Biking at Mont Tremblant

I even tried hang gliding lessons, culminating in a tandem flight from Mount Seven in Golden, BC.

Tandem Hang Gliding at Mount 7

I get my kayak in the water once a year or so--enough to justify my "kayaker" license plate :-).

These days I drive a minivan and worry about swimming lessons, gymnastics, and getting the grocery shopping done.


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  1. *I am a teacher in northern Alberta.  I teach all the physics and academic math courses at my school.  Could I link your geogebra constructions so that my students would be able to use them? I do have some from another teacher in Calgary but yours are fantastic as well.

    Thank you in advance for your time and for your consideration of this request.


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