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m3 - Mobile Mind Mapper is a mind mapping program that runs on any device that has a web browser. It uses special technology that allows you to run it and access all of your mind maps even without a network connection.

Because m3 runs in your browser, it can be used on all platforms, including Windows, OS X, Android, iOS, and Linux.

m3 is in the early stages of development, however it can be used for viewing complicated maps created by Freemind and Freeplane, or creating your own basic maps.

Updated Sep 7

  • Version 0.11.0

Main New Features

  • Support editing multi-line non-rich nodes
  • Support for links to websites
  • Support for icons in nodes
  • Basic keyboard navigation support. See the changelog below for all the key mappings

See the change log below for a complete list of new features and bug fixes.

Quick Start

  • Open the app by going to The following platforms are known to work:
    • Desktop: Chrome, Firefox
    • Android: Chrome, Firefox
    • iOS: Safari 9.1, Chrome, Firefox (Brave does not work)
  • Create your own maps, or import existing maps from Freemind or Freeplane
  • If you're using Chrome, you can add an icon to your home screen, and it will look and behave like a "real" app on your device.
  • Provide feedback, get help, or look for announcements at the m3-users discussion forum.

Important Things to Know

  • m3 stores your mind maps in your browser's offline storage. If you delete that, your maps will be gone. So don't do that ūüôā
  • If you have already used m3, it doesn't update to the next version until you load the page twice, due to a quirk of a technology called app cache

Do You Want to Help with Development?

Change Log

2016-09-11 - Version 0.11.0
   New Features
      - Wrap non-rich nodes to a maximum width
      - Support editing multi-line non-rich nodes
      - Make rich nodes only as wide as content requires
      - Support for links to websites
      - Support for icons
      - Basic keyboard navigation support (currently very inconsistent among
        different platforms. Works best on desktop Firefox)
            - Space     : fold/unfold
            - Ctrl S    : Save map
            - Arrow keys: Navigate around map
            - Ctrl Up   : Move node up in child list
            - Ctrl Down : Move node down in child list
            - Delete    : Delete node
            - End       : Edit node, put cursor at end of text
            - Enter     : Add sibling
            - Home      : Edit node, put cursor at beginning of text
            - Ctrl Home : Center selected node
            - Insert    : Add child node
      - Exported map names now have zero-padded month and day numbers

   Bug Fixes
      - Make node background color the same as cloud if no background color
      - Better inertia scroll -- you can interrupt inertia scrolling and drag
        in a different direction
      - Fix dragging map with a mouse, when cloud present

2016-07-02 - Version 0.10.0
   New Features
      - Implement support for iOS Firefox and Chrome (although neither
        browser currently supports long term storage of maps)
      - Add download link for exporting maps (doesn't work on iOS)
      - Add inertia scroll
      - Keep some basic stats so I can tell how many people and which platforms
        are actually using m3.

   Bug Fixes
      - Reset map position when loading a new map

2016-04-30 - Version 0.9.0
   New Features
      - Preserve unknown tags and attributes when importing from other

   Bug Fixes
      - None

2016-01-06 - Version 0.8.0
   New Features
      - Process the color for graphical links between nodes
      - Support multiple graphical links originating from the same

   Bug Fixes
      - Fix cloud size for root node
      - Don't show folding icon for the root node (because it can't
        be folded)
      - Fix saving a map that has bold or italic nodes (previous
        version made all nodes with basic formatting bold and italic)

2015-12-15 - Version 0.7.2
   Bug Fixes
      - Fix exported maps so they can be read by Freeplane

2015-12-14 - Version 0.7.1
   Bug Fixes
      - Fix Add to Home Screen for Chrome

2015-12-13 - Version 0.7
   New Features
      - Offline mode (no internet connection required)
      - Loading/Saving multiple files
      - When editing a node, it becomes the active node
      - Prompt user when navigating away from page
      - Exporting a map is in a popup rather than a new tab

   Bug Fixes
      - None!

2015-11-20 - Version 0.6
   New Features
      - Reading and displaying HTML nodes (but not editing yet)
      - Enter key now saves text when editing a node
      - Add About dialog (version, credits, license)

   Bug Fixes
      - Removed full screen mode from Safari (for some reason
        it can't read mindmaps with HTML nodes)

2015-10-31 - Version 0.5
   New Features
      - Pretty icons instead of ugly buttons
      - Full screen mode (Safari and Chrome)
   Bug Fixes
      - Deleting the last child of a node now removes
        the parent's "folding" icon 

2015-10-24 - Version 0.4
   New Features
      - Non-grey cloud colors
      - Graphical links between nodes
      - Basic text formatting: Bold, Italic, Bigger, Smaller

   Bug Fixes
      - Fix error when trying to load a non-existent saved map
      - Fix saving of clouds

2015-10-11 - Version 0.3
   New Features
      - Basic load and save functionality
         - Only one map can be saved
         - Don't try to load before you've saved a map
   Bug Fixes
      - Replace special XML characters (& < > ' ") with XML
2015-08-28 - Version 0.2
   New Features
      - Formatting (only if specified in an existing .mm file--no UI yet)
         - Text color
         - Node background color

   Bug Fixes
      - Fix folded nodes not folded on load
      - Fix export--POSITION attribute was not determined properly
      - Fix positioning of clouds left of root node

2015-08-22 - Version 0.1
   - Initial version



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