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m3 Quick Summary

  • It's a mind mapping program that reads and writes Freemind and Freeplane .mm files
  • Try it here:
  • You can use it as a mindmap viewer on your own website. Here's a simple example

Some More Details

  • It works in Chrome, Firefox and Safari on Windows, OSX, Linux, Android, and iOS
  • If you're using Chrome, you can add an icon to your home screen, and it will look and behave like a "real" app on your device.
  • Provide feedback, get help, or look for announcements at the m3-users discussion forum.

Important Things to Know

  • m3 stores your mind maps in your browser's offline storage. If you delete that, your maps will be gone. So don't do that ūüôā
  • If you have already used m3, it doesn't update to the next version until you load the page twice, due to a quirk of a technology called app cache

Do You Want to Help with Development?

Change Log

2017-07-20 - Version 0.12.0
    New Features
        - Significant performance improvements for loading, scrolling, and folding
          large maps, especially on iOS
        - Switched from dotted links to open arrow heads when one end is hidden,
          due to terrible iOS scrolling performance with dotted curves
        - Support embedding m3 in another webpage
        - Added a new Welcome map that gets displayed on first load of m3
        - Center maps on initial load
        - Put popups at the top of the screen rather than bottom, since Chrome
          fullpage mode on some devices doesn't scroll contents up when displaying

   Bug Fixes
        - Fix widths of some rich text nodes

2016-09-11 - Version 0.11.0
   New Features
      - Wrap non-rich nodes to a maximum width
      - Support editing multi-line non-rich nodes
      - Make rich nodes only as wide as content requires
      - Support for links to websites
      - Support for icons
      - Basic keyboard navigation support (currently very inconsistent among
        different platforms. Works best on desktop Firefox)
            - Space     : fold/unfold
            - Ctrl S    : Save map
            - Arrow keys: Navigate around map
            - Ctrl Up   : Move node up in child list
            - Ctrl Down : Move node down in child list
            - Delete    : Delete node
            - End       : Edit node, put cursor at end of text
            - Enter     : Add sibling
            - Home      : Edit node, put cursor at beginning of text
            - Ctrl Home : Center selected node
            - Insert    : Add child node
      - Exported map names now have zero-padded month and day numbers

   Bug Fixes
      - Make node background color the same as cloud if no background color
      - Better inertia scroll -- you can interrupt inertia scrolling and drag
        in a different direction
      - Fix dragging map with a mouse, when cloud present

2016-07-02 - Version 0.10.0
   New Features
      - Implement support for iOS Firefox and Chrome (although neither
        browser currently supports long term storage of maps)
      - Add download link for exporting maps (doesn't work on iOS)
      - Add inertia scroll
      - Keep some basic stats so I can tell how many people and which platforms
        are actually using m3.

   Bug Fixes
      - Reset map position when loading a new map

2016-04-30 - Version 0.9.0
   New Features
      - Preserve unknown tags and attributes when importing from other

   Bug Fixes
      - None

2016-01-06 - Version 0.8.0
   New Features
      - Process the color for graphical links between nodes
      - Support multiple graphical links originating from the same

   Bug Fixes
      - Fix cloud size for root node
      - Don't show folding icon for the root node (because it can't
        be folded)
      - Fix saving a map that has bold or italic nodes (previous
        version made all nodes with basic formatting bold and italic)

2015-12-15 - Version 0.7.2
   Bug Fixes
      - Fix exported maps so they can be read by Freeplane

2015-12-14 - Version 0.7.1
   Bug Fixes
      - Fix Add to Home Screen for Chrome

2015-12-13 - Version 0.7
   New Features
      - Offline mode (no internet connection required)
      - Loading/Saving multiple files
      - When editing a node, it becomes the active node
      - Prompt user when navigating away from page
      - Exporting a map is in a popup rather than a new tab

   Bug Fixes
      - None!

2015-11-20 - Version 0.6
   New Features
      - Reading and displaying HTML nodes (but not editing yet)
      - Enter key now saves text when editing a node
      - Add About dialog (version, credits, license)

   Bug Fixes
      - Removed full screen mode from Safari (for some reason
        it can't read mindmaps with HTML nodes)

2015-10-31 - Version 0.5
   New Features
      - Pretty icons instead of ugly buttons
      - Full screen mode (Safari and Chrome)
   Bug Fixes
      - Deleting the last child of a node now removes
        the parent's "folding" icon 

2015-10-24 - Version 0.4
   New Features
      - Non-grey cloud colors
      - Graphical links between nodes
      - Basic text formatting: Bold, Italic, Bigger, Smaller

   Bug Fixes
      - Fix error when trying to load a non-existent saved map
      - Fix saving of clouds

2015-10-11 - Version 0.3
   New Features
      - Basic load and save functionality
         - Only one map can be saved
         - Don't try to load before you've saved a map
   Bug Fixes
      - Replace special XML characters (& < > ' ") with XML
2015-08-28 - Version 0.2
   New Features
      - Formatting (only if specified in an existing .mm file--no UI yet)
         - Text color
         - Node background color

   Bug Fixes
      - Fix folded nodes not folded on load
      - Fix export--POSITION attribute was not determined properly
      - Fix positioning of clouds left of root node

2015-08-22 - Version 0.1
   - Initial version



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